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Our current strategy has three intervention areas. One is promoting youth entrepreneurship and creating employment for young people, particularly through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). The second, digitalisation, cuts across all intervention areas and focuses on the application of digital technologies to transform business models and provide new revenue throughout agricultural value chains. The third focuses on building farmers’ resilience to climate change through the promotion of climate-smart agricultural practices.

In many of our activities, there is a strong focus on supporting youth and promoting women empowerment. To give just one example, CTA’s Pitch Agri-Hack competition, which took place in Rwanda during the African Green Revolution Forum in September 2018, had as its theme ‘Women Entrepreneurs Innovate for Agricultural Transformation’.

At the award ceremony, which was attended by four heads of state and some 20 government ministers, I was able to tell a large audience that the 26 entrepreneurs who had reached the finals – 14 young women and 12 young men – will help transform agriculture for future generations and encourage young people to see the potential in farming and agribusiness.

There are many reasons to be optimistic, and I believe the stories in this report illustrate that CTA together with our partners is well positioned for a future beyond the end of the Cotonou Agreement, under which CTA operates, to continue to make a difference.

Michael Hailu, Director CTA


Key figures for 2018


countries’ entrepreneurs have received training in drone operation and service delivery as part of the Eyes in the Sky project.



high-level participants attended 4 Brussels Briefings events.



cooperatives and their members in Cameroon and DRC have been trained in good governance and leadership as part of the Manioc 21 programme.


farmers were registered in East and Southern Africa by the Data4Ag project which aims to improve their access to inputs, crop husbandry advice and markets.


Small Island Developing States implemented policy measures to enhance agri-tourism thanks to the CTA project, Linking agriculture to tourism markets in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific.



was CTA’s global media reach in 2018 with 11 articles published by CTA experts.


farmers have been profiled by the MUIIS project and


producers are subscribed to one or more MUIIS services.


individual users viewed a total of 2,350,303 CTA web pages with a new blog currently driving 9% of traffic to the CTA website.


individuals 35% of whom were women were trained on the benefits of open data for agriculture through the Data4Ag/GODAN Action projects.


pastoralists purchased livestock insurance in Ethiopia and Kenya.


young businesses applied to Pitch AgriHack 2018, 26 finalist businesses where selected, 14 led by women; 8 companies (50% led by women) were awarded in front of African Heads of State.



downloads or views of CTA publications in 2018.


rural youths have been provided with entrepreneurship and technical training to establish rice agri-businesses in Senegal and Mali.


Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment

Empowering the Young through Agribusiness
Young women take the lead in Pitch AgriHack
Promoting Youth Employment in the Rice Value Chain

Increasing Productivity and Profitability

Harnessing the Power of Data
Smart solutions, targeted loans, higher yields
Africa’s Eyes in the Sky
Boosting Prices and Efficiency in the West African Grain Market
ICTs Boost Samoan Agriculture

Building Resilience to Climate Change

Climate-proofing pastoralism in Eastern Africa
Insurance – saving lives and livelihoods
Coping with climate change in Southern Africa

Empowering Women in Agribusiness

Empowering Women in Agribusiness

Learning from experience

Learning from Experience

Internal organisation & personnel

Director's office

  • Michael Hailu


  • Deborah Kleinbussink

    Executive Officer/Board Secretary

  • Josina Leguit

    Administrative & Research Assistant

Brussels Office

  • Isolina Boto

    Manager of Brussels Office

  • Lebo Mofolo

    Policy Development Briefings Officer

Team Agribusiness & Value Chain

  • Piet Visser

    Team Leader

  • Oluyede Ajayi

    Sr Programme Coord/Ag. & Climate Change

  • Sabdiyo Dido Bashuna

    Sr Programme Coord/Value Chains & Agribusiness

  • Vincent Fautrel

    Sr Programme Coord/Value Chains

  • Judith Ann Francis

    Sr Programme Coord/S&T Policy

  • Mariam Kadzamira

    Climate Change Officer

  • Armelle Degrave

    Administrative Coord. Officer

  • Caroline Andriessen

    Project Assistant

  • Felix Nkwetta Ajong

    Project Assistant

  • Angeles Salvador

    Project Assistant

  • Maïté Zammattio

    Project Assistant

Team ICT for Agriculture

  • Benjamin Addom

    Team Leader

  • Chris Addison

    Sr Programme Coord/Data4Ag

  • Ken Lohento

    Sr Programme Coord/ICT4Ag

  • Giacomo Rambaldi

    Sr Programme Coord/ICT4Ag

  • Hermann Tossou

    Project Officer ICT4Ag

  • Marion van Boven

    Project Assistant

  • Arnoldine Stals

    Project Assistant

Team Communications

  • Toby Johnson

    Team Leader

  • Stéphane Gambier

    Sr Programme Coord/Communication

  • Thierry Lewyllie

    Programme Coord/Web

  • Murielle Vandreck

    Programme Coord/Publications

  • Bertil Videt

    Programme Coord/Marketing & Communication

  • Olivier Hersperger

    Web Content Manager

  • Anne Legroscollard

    Communication Officer

  • Mirjam Bos

    Administrative Assistant

  • Evelyne Kort-Nerincx

    Administrative Assistant

  • Gabriela Gonçalves Bahre

    Data Assistant

  • Husna Yagoub

    Data Assistant

Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation (LME) Unit

  • Ibrahim Khadar

    Unit Manager

  • Tarikua Getachew Woldetsadick

    LME Officer

  • Aurélie Reynier

    M&E Officer

  • Raya Dekkers

    Administrative Assistant

  • Krishan Bheenick

    Sr Programme Coord/Knowledge Management

  • Merche Rodriguez

    Project Assistant

Financial Control

  • Seema Shahi

    Internal Auditor/Financial Control

  • Perry Pahladsingh

    Interim Internal Auditor/Financial Control

Corporate Services

  • Thierry Doudet

    Corporate Services Manager

  • Christine Webster

    Sr Procurement and Grants Officer

  • Igor Biskupic

    ICT Coordinator

  • Louis Kolkman

    IT Technician

  • Peter Albers

    Head of Finance

  • Serge Adolph

    Account Payable Assistant

  • Marco Van Maurik

    Account Payable Assistant

Human Resources & Administration

  • Pascal Deleu

    Head of Human Resources & Administration

  • Christèle Coutureau

    Human Resources Officer

  • Julia Nijhof

    Human Resources Assistant

  • Ellen van Dijk

    Administrative Assistant

  • Adrianus Biemans


  • Thomas Mendo-Essiane


  • Manuela van Betuw


Project staff members

  • Gian Nicola Francesconi

    Sr Tech. Adviser Cooperative Business Development

  • Emil Jejov

    Operations Officer Pacific Islands Food Systems project

  • Jana Dietershagen

    Jr Tech. Officer Pacific Islands Food Systems project

  • Carol Kakooza

    Project Coordinator MUIIS project (Uganda)

  • Chipo Msengezi

    Project Coordinator GODAN Action project

  • Jorge Chávez-Tafúr

    Project Coordinator Experience Capitalization project


  • Christel Kenou

  • Marc Bappa Se

  • Constance Barbou des Courières

  • Christelle Amorin

  • Yanick Bakker

  • Osseni Senou

  • Joash Moitui

  • Oluwaseun Adedeji

  • Jemima Afari-Kwarteng

  • Hilda Mirembe

  • Shari-Ann Palmer

  • Imelda Aniambossou

Staff members who left CTA in 2018

  • Lia Baruffa

    Project Assistant Experience Capitalization project (January 2018)

  • Seema Shahi

    Internal Auditor/Financial Control (March 2018)

  • Mona Regad

    Administrative & Research Assistant (June 2018)

  • Gian Nicola Francesconi

    Sr Tech. Adviser Cooperative Business Development (July 2018)

  • Krishan Bheenick

    Sr Programme Coord/Knowledge Management (August 2018)

  • Peter Albers

    Head of Finance (November 2018)

  • Kristel Kenou


  • Marc Bappa Se




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